Aviation law and drone law

Do you need help with leasing of aircraft or the purchase and sale of planes and helicopters? Who can assist with an air operator certificate (AOC) for commercial air traffic? What are the rules on claim adjustment in case of a plane crash? Do you need help with drone law and other matters related to drones (so-called UAS)?

Many legal issues can arise for an airline. If the company is transporting passengers or goods by plane or helicopter, an operating permit, a so-called air operator certificate (AOC), is required. The airline also needs an operative license (OL), regulating the right to perform commercial air traffic within the EU. For an airline, there are requirements that it has its own airworthiness organization, a CAMO or continuing airworthiness management organization. If the airline is training pilots for certificates or type rating, or training cabin crew, it needs to be an approved training organization (ATO). The airline needs a safety approval, and the aircraft it uses need to be EASA-approved.

In addition, the airline may want to perform specialised air operations such as aerial work with aircraft, for example aerial lifts, inspections, firefighting or photography/video photography. These activities are usually called utility flights. In operating an airline, many other legal questions might arise, for instance related to passenger rights (EU261), unruly passengers, staffing, tenancy law, corporate law, commercial contracts and collaboration agreements, for instance for ground handling.

ASTRA ADVOKATER has broad experience of the legal matters related to establishing and operating an airline, both rotor and fixed wing. We assist drone companies with matters related to permits under the GDPR or the Swedish Camera Surveillance Act (Kamerabevakningslag 2018:1200), as well as incident reporting regarding drone activity.

ASTRA ADVOKATER also assists airlines and passengers in claim adjustment matters – such as damage to property or personal injury – in Sweden and internationally. We assist pilots in criminal cases and regarding certificate issues. We assist victims in aviation-related criminal cases.

ASTRA ADVOKATER is a business law firm with broad competence and long-term relationships. Through long-term and close collaborations with our clients, we can provide competent advice for each specific situation.

Thanks to our international network, we can provide counselling in legal, procedural and practical matters, regardless of where an investigation is being performed.

The firm offers counselling regarding:

Purchase and sale of aircraft
Registering and deregistering aircraft
Leasing contracts
Employment and education matters
Contacts with authorities
Claim adjustment in plane crashes
Assistance or defence of pilots in aviation-related criminal actions
Commercial agreements in aviation
Traffic permits under air services agreements
Liability and insurance matters and disputes
Drone law

Our specialists in the area


Stephan Eriksson

Stephan has an education in Air and Space Law from Institute of Air and Space Law (IASL) at McGill University i Montreal, Canada, where he also teaches. IASL's Air Law education is probably one of the best in the World. Who´s Who Legal has appointed him one of the best aviation lawyers in the world.

Stephan has long experience of representing airlines, helicopter operators, air brokers and travel agencies. He also works with flight accidents and aviation related product liability. ASTRA ADVOKATER are members of L2b Aviation, an international network of more than 45 aviation law firms representing airlines, financers, leasing companies, manufacturers, insurers, airports and export credit agencies.

Stephan has expertise in passenger rights and EU regulation 261/2004.

Stephan also works with construction law and business litigation in courts and arbitration.

He is member of American Bar Association (ABA), American Association for Justice (AAJ) and the European Air Law Association (EALA). He is the chair of the Aviation EEG within the European lawyers’ organization PEOPIL where he is one of the organizers of the McGill University/PEOPIL biannual Conferences on INTERNATIONAL AVIATION: LIABILITY, INSURANCE & FINANCE.



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