Dispute resolution and commercial procedures

Your business partner is threatening to sue you – what should you do? Can a Swedish judgment be enforced in a foreign country? Should you choose a procedure in a regular court or arbitration? What is included in legal assistance insurance?

Business disputes steal energy from the operations and are often very costly. They can also take a long time to resolve. We succeed in settling many disputes before they go to court. The best settlements are made when the other party is convinced that we are not averse to a trial. Thanks to our reputation as a civil action firm at the top of its game and our willingness to take disputes to court, our clients gain the best possible position for negotiation. Most lawyers can resolve a dispute, but not all lawyers are seasoned, experienced legal counsels. Skilled litigators achieve the best settlements.

We work together with you to analyse your situation in light of your operations and your circumstances, ensuring that you can make a well-informed decision – for or against – settlement or litigation. If your matter is to be tried in court, we create a legal strategy to cost-effectively achieve the goals that we set together with you. The strategy can often include elements of unpredictability for the other party and an initial show of strength on our part. We eliminate complexity and present your matter in a convincing and pedagogical manner. Through any events, we take and retain the initiative.

Of course, there are many skilled lawyers who litigate. We stand out from the crowd, not only with our broad experience as counsel, but also thanks to our relationships to the client. We will treat you as if you are our only client. We will work tirelessly to achieve the goals we have set for the dispute. And we have the experience, competence and resources to do so.

Business disputes are costly and we can also provide advice on legal assistance insurance and assist in contacts with your insurance company.

ASTRA ADVOKATER is a business law firm with broad competence and long-term relationships. Through long-term and close collaborations with our clients, we can provide competent advice for each specific situation.

Thanks to our international network, we can provide counselling in legal, procedural and practical matters, regardless of where an investigation is being performed.

The firm offers counselling regarding:

Civil proceedings in general court
Swedish and international arbitration
Tactical considerations when a dispute has arisen and civil proceedings may be expected
Enforcement and bankruptcy petitions
Insurance consultancy and assistance regarding corporate insurance

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