Business-related penal law (White collar crime)

Are you under suspicion of white collar crime? White collar crime is any crime connected to business operations. Examples include insider trading, disloyalty to principal, bribery, accounting fraud, tax crime and violation of the Work Environment Act.

As a business person, you often become aware that an investigation is taking place only when the investigator performs a raid, usually very early in the morning, through a search of the premises. Company representatives and/or employees are interrogated and any electronic materials and other written documentation are impounded. The investigation may have been ongoing for a long time before that, without your knowledge.

White collar crime cases are often highly intricate due to the amount of documentation and the complexity of the matters at hand.

ASTRA ADVOKATER has extensive experience of the questions that arise in connection with investigations and any subsequent legal procedures. We have represented corporations and suspects in several white collar crime cases covered by the international media. Our assignments have also included defending foreign citizens accused of having committed crimes in Sweden and dealing with accusations of crimes committed by Swedish citizens abroad.

ASTRA ADVOKATER is a business law firm with broad competence and long-term relationships. Through long-term and close collaborations with our clients, we can provide competent advice for each specific situation.

Thanks to our international network, we can provide counselling in legal, procedural and practical matters, regardless of where an investigation is being performed.

The firm offers counselling regarding:

Insider trading
Disloyalty to principal
Accounting frauds
Tax crimes
Violation of the Work Environment Act
Money laundering
Trade bans
Corporate fines

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