Tax law and tax procedures

Do you have questions regarding taxation? Perhaps you have received a question from the Swedish Tax Authority that you are unsure how to answer or have been the subject of a decision that you are displeased with. The tax lawyers at ASTRA ADVOKATER can answer your questions and assist you in judicial procedures at the Swedish Tax Authority or in court.

We assist companies, auditors, accounting consultants, internal counsels, economists and individuals with tax-related matters. Our tax specialists have long and extensive experience of counselling and tax procedures. We also provide education in tax-related matters.

ASTRA ADVOKATER is a business law firm with broad competence and long-term relationships. Through long-term and close collaborations with our clients, we can provide competent advice for each specific situation.

Thanks to our international network, we can provide counselling in legal, procedural and practical matters, regardless of where an investigation is being performed.

The firm offers counselling regarding:

Swedish and international corporate taxation
Close company taxation
Swedish and international private taxation
Tax audits and tax procedures

Our specialists in the area


Hans Näsbrandt

Hans har sedan år 2007 arbetat med skattefrågor utifrån olika perspektiv. Inledningsvis på Skatteverket, därefter på Förvaltningsrätten i Stockholms skatteavdelning och sedan år 2013 som skattejurist, advokat och rådgivare på advokatbyrå. Han är skatterådgivare för företag och privatpersoner och arbetar även med rådgivning i bolagsrättsliga och affärsjuridiska frågor. Han genomför regelbundet föreläsningar och utbildningsuppdrag.

  • Lindskog Malmström Advokatbyrå
  • Förvaltningsrätten i Stockholm
  • Skatteverket
  • Uppsala universitet, jur. kand.
  • University of Toronto, Law School

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